Bootcamp before Telialigaen kickoff

Concateno Esport Club
January 20, 2020

Physical coaching

We kicked off the bootcamp with some physical practice to get us going. The carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow & back pain is standard injuries in esport. To avoid getting these we make sure to warmup by stretching, among other activities before long practice sessions

Performance coaching

Am I good enough? What does my team mates think? What does the followers think? What do I think of my team mates? These questions circle around every esport player and we took time to adress them all with our performance coach Linda Sund

5 a day

Home made orange juice by our physical coach, easy way to start your 5 a day #nutrition

Fruit and vegetables can protect us from a range of illnesses, but for it to work we have to eat 5 a day and a home made orange juice is a great way to start your day and your 5 a day!


Getting ready for team dinner


Chicken kiev with home made orange juice

What went wrong?

Our second game in ESEA Open versus Visibility ended 14:16 in our disfavour, we sat down to watch the game and figure out what went wrong. The match was played on dust2 and we started out as terrorist where adrian had a great half which led to a 6:0 lead before we gave some rounds away due to some silly mistakes which ended the half 10:5 in our advantage. We knew in advance that CT was a problem for us, but when we picked up the pistol round with the following eco rounds which gave us a 13-5 lead we was confident we had this.

Our portuguese opponents showed that they also prefer to play the T side and crushed us after giving us one more round, ending the game painfully 14:16. That gave us the opportunity to really change how we play our defensive sides, hopefully that will give us yield in the rest of the matches


We scheduled our third match in ESEA Open on Sunday, giving us-self the chance to end the bootcamp on a high note. First half started with a lost pistol round, but we manage to pull off the force round and get a 6-2 lead. From there we hit a bump and did some small mistakes that cost us some rounds. After the first half we had grabbed 7 rounds thanks to a great half from our ingame leader SaueN.

The team startet CT nervously without any reason as they pulled of the pistol round with the following force and anti eco rounds giving them a great start which ended in 8:2 in our advantage after a great performance by Ski and SaueN. Adrian also had a nice sniper game putting up 12 kills with the sniper. The game gave us a 2-1 stats in ESEA Open and we look forward to our next game vs HighFl3x 22.01.2020