Concateno Esport Club

Bootcamp before Telialigaen kickoff
January 16, 2020

Our CS:GO lineup

We are proud to present ourself as Concateno Esport Club and have been looking forward to this since we started playing together in November. Our discipline is CS:GO and our norwegian based lineup will compete in ESEA Open & Telialeague 2nd div and consist of

CS:GO Players

Markus “SaueN” Fedje
Thomas “Ski” Henriksen
Adrian “adri” Jacobsen
Lasse “baplo” Olsen
Marius “XerRact” Skrindsrud


Coach & Manager: Øyvind “KF3” Magnestad
Performance Coach: Linda Sund
Psysical Coach: John Ivar Francis Golding