Performance Coaching

Psychological performance and mental skills play an important role in competitive success and development of players, and the coaching is all about empowering players to improve their performances and develop team spirit. We use coaching to unlock the players potential to maximize their performance, helping them sharpen their skills and identify and overcome any blockage that would impede their success.

Everyone aims to gain stability and consistency while performing. Teaching mental skills to players will prepare for competitions and improve personal well-being. Figuring out how to utilize the key skills, can have a tremendous impact on results and performance.

The collaborative effort in the team will bring the players to success in the most effective and efficient way. Our secret weapon guiding us in this field, is Linda from Sund Leadership

Linda Sund is owner of Sund Leadership, a company offering leadership coaching and performance training. She helps leaders fulfill their potential so that they, in turn, will create sustainable improvement and growth in their teams and organization.

Throughout 20 years as nurse specialist and executive NLP Coach, Linda has client experience which expands from drug addicts and inmates in high security prison, to executives and teams in private businesses.

Linda is driven by "the impossible," and whether she is coaching an athlete or a top executive, she is always looking for the individual's abilities and qualities in order to enhance growth and development. With a keen understanding of human nature and behaviour combined with mental tools, she believes that «there is always room to improve ».